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Children who grow up in difficult family situations may face ongoing challenges and have limited opportunities. According to The Australian National University  studies show that children who grow up in difficult family situations such as fatherless homes or divorced parents are at a high risk of a wide range of social and psychological problems. These problems can occur in adolescence and adulthood, including poor academic achievement, low self-esteem, psychological distress, delinquency and recidivism, substance use and abuse,  adult criminal offending, depression, and suicidal behaviour.



At Legends Gym we believe boxing can provide individuals with a positive outlet and serve as a catalyst for personal growth and development. Through our boxing programs, these young individuals can learn discipline, hard work, and dedication. The structured training and focus required in boxing can help instil these qualities in them, which can be valuable not only in the sport but also in their personal lives and future careers.




Our coaches are not only experienced but have also had to overcome their own challenges growing up and are great role models that  can inspire these individuals. Our Coaches  will serve as mentors and provide guidance, support, and encouragement. They can help teach the values of respect, perseverance, and resilience, which are crucial for success both inside and outside the ring.


We are looking forward to kick-starting these programs at Legends Gym, stay tuned for more info.



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